Swiss Extreme Bundle

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More Bonds Make You Luckier! Swiss Extreme is a bundle of 25 Cayx Bonds with unique numbers, eligible for all winning possibilities including CayxQuattro and Xmas Natale.


– What is a Cayx Bond?
– A Cayx Bond is a cashable virtual crypto bond with a unique ID serial number, which means that you can sell it back anytime. It unlocks your opportunity to win up to 10 BITCOINS.

– Is there any risk involved?
– The Crypto Market Volatility would not affect your investment and the Bond’s value would remain the same until you WIN or sell it back. Thus, no risk!

– How the winner is selected?
– Cayx Bond Draws are extremely transparent and 100% in line with the most-authentic US Power Ball Lottery.

– What is my possibility of winning a BTC prize?
– There are multiple ways that you may WIN a BTC prize

1. Numbers matched with US Lottery (first draw of every month)
Last 12 numbers match: 10 BTC
Last 10 numbers match: 5 BTC
Last 8 numbers match: 1 BTC
Last 6 numbers match: 0.10 BTC
Last 4 numbers match: 0.01 BTC

2. Win BTC by holding your bond to qualify for a CayxQuattro, a draw which takes place every 3 months. Bonds with maximum age will automatically be qualified to participate in an internal transparent draw to win 1 BITCOIN.

3. Every Christmas, Top 25 aged Bonds will automatically qualify and participate in an internal transparent draw to win a 5 BITCOIN Natale Prize.

– We recommend buying more than one bonds to increase your chance of winning.

– More Bonds Make You More Lucky!

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  1. Sam Oven

    Amazing value for my money, looking forward!

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