Valletta Plus Bundle

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Buying more Cayx Bonds increases your chances of winning. Valletta plus is a Bundle of 5 Cayx Bonds. It’s an opportunity to save 2% with 5 times more chances of winning.


What is a Cayx Bond?
– A Cayx Bond is a cashable virtual crypto bond with a unique ID serial number, which means that you can sell it back anytime. It unlocks your opportunity to win up to a whooping six-figure $100,000 value of BTC.

Is there any risk involved?
– The Crypto Market Volatility would not affect your investment and the Bond’s value would remain the same until you WIN or sell it back. Thus, no risk!

How the winner is selected?
– Cayx Bond Draws are extremely transparent and 100% in line with the most-authentic US Power Ball Lottery.

What is my possibility of winning a BTC prize?
– There are multiple ways that you may WIN a BTC prize

1. Digit combination matched with US Lottery (first draw of every month)
Last 12 numbers match: 10 BTC
Last 10 numbers match: 5 BTC
Last 8 numbers match: 1 BTC
Last 6 numbers match: 0.10 BTC
Last 4 numbers match: 0.01 BTC

2. Win BTC by holding your bond to qualify for a CayxQuattro, a draw which takes place every 3 months. Bonds with maximum age will automatically be qualified to participate in an internal transparent draw to win 1 BITCOIN.

3. Every Christmas, Top 25 aged Bonds will automatically qualify and participate in an internal transparent draw to win a 5 BITCOIN Natale Prize.

We recommend buying more than one bonds to increase your chance of winning.

More Bonds Make You More Lucky!

2 reviews for Valletta Plus Bundle

  1. Jasmine Angel

    I bought this Cayx bundle. Can I Sell-Back this bundle partially?

    • cayxassets

      Yes, you can sell back partially.

  2. marco carrara

    really awesome and excellent

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