Tutorials: Cayx Assets


Buying Cayx Bonds is easy!

Follow the steps explained below and you’ll be able to accomplish the buying process almost instantly.

  1. Login to your Cayx Account. Go to login page
  2. Visit the Product Details page to select Cayx Bond you wish to buy
  3. Tap Add to Basket and View Basket
  4. Tap Proceed to Checkout and follow on-screen instructions
  5. After sending exact amount (Bitcoin) to Cayx Wallet Address,return to the checkout page
  6. Tap the “Payment Sent Already” and wait for the confirmation of your Bitcoin transaction in Blockchain
  7. After the first confirmation, you will see your Cayx Bond Number under “Assets” Tab in your dashboard

Note: Valletta and Swiss Bundles purchase require 20 confirmations on Blockchain to complete the checkout.


Selling Cayx Bonds is as easy as buying!

Follow the steps explained below to Sell the Cayx Bond:

  1. Login to your Cayx Account. Go to login page
  2. Inside My Assets, Select the Bond you wish to sell
  3. Tap Sell Back button
  4. Fill out the Cayx Sell Back Form with your Bitcoin Wallet Address and submit request
  5. Cayx Assets will process your request within 24 hours with a deduction of 7.5% (Service Charges)